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Where to find us?

We have a big and professional logistics and distribution team with tens of delivery trucks covering Cairo, 
Giza all the year and North Coast in summer.

Our products are available in:
Hypermarket - 
  Super Markets -    Clubs

New Cairo
6th of October City 
and El-Shiekh Zayed
Masr El-Gadida
Flamingo Hyper Market
- Orange Markets
- Dyar Compound
- Dandy Mall branch
- Almaza City Centre
Oscar Grand Stores - Mall of Egypt branch
Seoudi Market
- Khamera Market
Seoudi Market Seoudi Market
- Sheraton branch
- The Water Way Mall branch
- Sodic branch
Royal House Market
- Carrefour Alex City Center
- Silver Star Mall
- Dreamland branch
- Heliopolis Area
Sarai Markets Branches
- Zayed branch
Dreams Market - Kafr Abdo Branch
- Cairo Festival City Mall branch
Sunny Market - Heliopolis Sporting Club branch
- Semoha Branch
- Westown Hub branch
- El Isawy Branch
LULU Markets
Khamera Market - Sunny Market
- Zezinia Branch
- First Settlement branch

- Seoudi Market
- Saba Basha Branch

Nasr City - Al Akbal Branch
- Maadi City Center branch

- Seoudi Market

Seoudi Market

- CAC branch - Victoria square