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Who we are?

From  Investment to Healthy Bakery!

 A huge career shift is the main reason behind founding Honey & Dough.



About Us

From a healthy bakery to a healthy shop full of guilt free treats. 

All our baking is done fresh in our factory with 100% natural ingredients such as whole wheat flour, natural butter, milk, eggs, fresh cream, dark chocolate, raw honey and molasses and free of white sugar or preservatives. 

Honey & Dough is a healthy bakery shop serving and preparing in-house delicious variety of bakes such as whole wheat bakery assortments, pizzas, sandwiches, mini bakes, pastries, light bakes, barley bakes and honey bites, all baked with 100% healthy and natural ingredients.

Our shop in Waslet Dahshour serves morning commuters stopping in for freshly baked croissant and pâté and freshly brewed coffee. We also serve lunch and desserts and offer a cozy outdoor seating area with comfortable chairs and relaxing music. 

If you want a healthy and delicious catering service for birthdays, brunches and corporate events, then Honey & Dough is the place to go. 

We want each customer’s experience to be full of delight, and we focus on all aspects involved: healthy food and gracious service.

We distribute some of our products to many supermarkets across Cairo & Alexandria such as Seoudi, Carrefour,  Sarai, Sunny, Royal House, Oscar, Flamengo and many more.


The Bakery

The result was to start up a bakery that offers healthy baked goods that are made of whole wheat, healthy seeds, natural fats, raw honey and molasses and free of all and any artificial or processed ingredients. 

Thus, the name, Honey and Dough
Honey & Dough is a healthy bakery serving a delicious variety of bakes consisting of flatbreads (pita), bite sized bakes, toast, loaf, panini, brioche, crackers and a lot more. 

All our  baking  is done fresh in our ovens with 100% natural ingredients

Our Mission

“Together for a Healthier Generation!”

Our mission is to produce the tastiest,

healthiest and most nutritious bakes by

introducing new eating culture in order

to raise a Healthy Generation

for a brighter future.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader in the Egyptian market by offering uncompromising quality of Healthy food and service.

It is our continuous endeavor to successfully establish our presence as the healthiest and tastiest bakery and strengthen our brand in the bakery industry by consistently exceeding customer expectations and delivering the highest quality of natural bakes.


Why Honey & Dough?

At the heart of it all, we’ve always believed that good health leads to happiness.
All of our heart, passion and personality are baked into every natural slice to help everyone enjoy each bite a little more. We're devoted to creating delicious products for everyone.

-live INSPIRED, bringing passion and commitment to the job and to each other
-Through our products and our actions,ENCOURAGE healthy and happy lifestyles 
-CARE for each other, our families, our community, and our world.
-Take ownership in the GROWTH of our business and ourselves, community, and our world.
- RESPECT each other and our unique diversity, finding win-win solutions.

 Our Values


Freshness & Natural Ingredients

Our products are freshly baked on daily basis.

- No added sugar – we use raw honey, molasses and dark chocolate.

- No trans fats – we only use natural butter and virgin oils.

- No preservatives – all our products are fresh day to day.

- No artificial flavors – our clean ingredients do not need any artificial additives to be flavorful.

- No artificial colorings – the colors of our products are derived from their natural ingredients.

Human capital

Our talents are the most important resources.

We believe in the development of our company through the attraction,
the development and the retention of competent people.


Customer satisfaction 

We always thrive to offer unforgettable customer experience by meeting all
our clients’ expectations.

Social Responsibility


We are firmly committed to making the world a healthier place starting with our little ones.

From our products to our ingredients to our commitment to sustainability and local communities,
Honey & Dough is committed to healthy people, a healthy planet and healthy communities. 



we encourage creativity and innovation that improve customer satisfaction.

We are always working on developing our brand by frequently launching new

products and flavors.


Our products are made of 100% natural ingredients! 
We work hard to maintain our company confidentiality.

Our customers, suppliers, and staff can all count on our openness on communication and integrity in transaction


Production Facility

Our bakes are produced via the best equipment in the market.

A top-notch ERP system is also in place to ensure the smoothness of the operation to offer
our clients the best quality of service.  

We manage our facility as a top-notch bakery operation but with clean and healthy
ingredients rather than just focusing on the commercial aspect of the business.


Honey and Dough’s factory follows a rigid system of hygienic procedures to ensure
the cleanliness of its facility and staff in line with the highest industry standards.


The Team 

 Honey & Dough’s team consists of highly skilled, committed and motivated professionals specialized in the bakery industry.

The ingredients we are using are not the typical ones used in any bakery, accordingly, all the recipes had to be adjusted to match the new set of ingredients we are working with.

A special business development department leads our research on developing recipes and testing them.

Our team has the know-how and can deal with all the operational difficulties.